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peterbald kitten of cattery Baby Rah for eventual sale



We close cattery peterbald. Therefore now we sell all our adults peterbald. You have opportunity to redeem on not to a big price peterbald.

A peterbald kitten comes with a primary vaccination and a pedigree. For leaving Russia, where we are placed, they need to have secondary vaccination (rabbies), to have implanted an ID-chip and to have export-documents (some countries require titration analysis carried out by certified and approved by western authorities laboratories and up to six months of quarantine) - we do these all - these are all extra costs.

All the peterbald kittens are in an excellent physical condition, have all the necessary medical certificates, are very good socialized in a home-atmosphere.

We ship to any country you live in. You also are welcome to pick up your pet yourself - wellcome to Moscow.

Is peterbald kittens, accessible to sale for displays, for duplication just as only to be the beloved pets in your house: sphynx line

All cats of this breed are sold.

peterbald Baby Rah



1.male Baby Rah Dior, PBD b33, SOLD USA.

peterbald kitten Baby Rah

2.male BABY RAH DIAMOND.SOLD ( Switzerland.)

peterbald Baby Rah

3.famale BABY RAH DONATELLA. SOLD ( Sweden.)

peterbald Baby Rah


Wellcome to see us!

+7 926 218 08 06
+7 903 533 89 05

We appreciate Your interest!


July, 10-15 Baby-Rah no more runs the peterbald cattery. My scope is solely sphynx

July, 10-15 Baby-Rah owner has been certified by WCF-Assolux at a feline seminar.

July, 8 Baby-Rah started registration in Assolux system.

June, 8 and 9, 2006 special educational show Assolux, Moscow, DK Voshod. Male-cat Pigmalion has won the 1-st prize in two rings, against 50 other beautiful competitors. The Jury noticed, when one took this cat one wanted to hold it forever. Pigmalion got Inter Champion title. As a result of the two days event he won the 1-st prize "Best Of Best All Breed" among kittens younger than 8 months.
Here are some pictures from this show.

July, 15 All the pets of Baby-Rah have been medically checked for panleucopinie, mycoplasmosis, IV, leycosis, infective peritonitum, respiratory viral diseases, hlamidea. All the results were negative.

11-th of April kittens of peterbald (mother - Rowless Leaya - father Yeralash) have been happily born.

March, the 27. An important event for Baby Rah kattery - there appeared the breed, litter, "A" (Mother Melanippa - father Priam). The newborns - males - are active, strong and put on weight quickly. They all are naked. See the pictures about the kittens.

December, 11, 2005 The cattery took part at the Show KLK Moscow. The cat Melanippa got the second CACIB, has been named among the Best (all breeds and races), being at this time the best sphinx.

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